In Search of a Creative Director Co-Founder

I built Canopy with the belief that more people should own handmade, sustainably-sourced furniture built to last. The vast majority of consumer furniture is crap — designed for trends, irresponsibly sourced and cheaply built. Most products last only a few years, until the next move or the next pay increase or the next design trend comes along.

I wanted to make it easier for people to choose timeless, soulful, hand-built pieces over mass-produced options.

In less than a year I recruited five talented producers, built a functioning e-commerce site, launched a content strategy through email marketing, and made my first few sales — to family and friends at first and then slowly to a few brave strangers.

Now, I need help taking Canopy to the next level.

About the Role

Moving forward, I need a creative director co-founder with a keen eye for design, high-level industry connections, and a whole lotta hustle to help shape the future of the business. In the short term, that means streamlining the product offering and recruiting the next round of designers and craftspeople. It also means building connections within the industry — building on and developing new relationships with interior designers, up and coming furniture designers, like-minded brands and any others who can add credibility and open doors to new opportunities. 

In the long term, it means helping to craft a vision and strategy for the business, and executing on both. That could include developing our own Canopy product line, expanding to non-wood furniture or even non-furniture home goods products, creating alternative revenue streams that fulfill our mission in new ways, and much more. It would be up to you to chart the course, shaping the future of the business through design and strategy.

How does that sound to you?

About You

This is a co-founder role, not an employee hire. As such, I'm looking for an experienced professional willing to commit for the long haul. Someone who thinks — and acts — like an entrepreneur. To me, that means possessing intrinsic drive, being comfortable with ambiguity, maintaining confidence and enthusiasm in the face of setbacks, being able to change directions on a dime and without regret, standing for your ideas but be willing to commit when there's disagreement, moving quickly but thoughtfully, and never taking yourself or the work too seriously.

You should be comfortable working alone without employee or vendor support for the foreseeable future. With time, you should be comfortable building out a team of designers, buyers, and tradespeople who can bring to life the long-term strategy and vision we craft together.

You should have a background in furniture design, interior design or architecture. Maybe you've chosen furniture for commercial or residential projects and maybe you've dabbled in furniture design yourself. The most important thing is that you have a deep understanding of and love for furniture design and craftsmanship. 

Above all, you should see nearly everything through lens of design — constantly analyzing everyday things in search of ways to make them simpler, more comfortable, prettier, and easier to use.


Your initial compensation would be purely equity, up to 45% vested over four years with a one year cliff. As the business grows we'll set salaries for ourselves and any other future co-founders based on cash flow. Given the financial constraints, it's OK if you need to maintain income through other means until we're able to take a salary. This won't be a 16-hour-a-day sprint to the finish line. We're building a thoughtful, profitable, sustainable business. 

How to Apply

If you've read this far and you're still interested, send a cover letter and resume to shane [at] canopycollection [dot] co.