Coaster on Live Edge Wood Table

With simple, proper, every piece of Canopy furniture will last generations, developing a lustrous patina in the process. But with all the overhyped products and bad advice out there, we thought we'd round up a few basic steps to keeping your piece beautiful for decades.

1. Preventative Care

Taking a few simple preventative steps to care for your furniture will ensure it lasts well beyond your lifetime.

First, make sure to keep hardwood furniture away from prolonged or excessive sun exposure. We love flooding our homes with natural light as much as anyone, but exposing your piece to many hours of direct sunlight can cause the finish to degrade and the color to fade.

Second, and perhaps most importantly, use coasters and trivets to protect the piece from water and heat damage. Getting into this habit every time you set a drink down will prevent har to remove water rings and discoloration from forming.

2. Basic Cleaning

First, dust regularly with a dry cotton or microfiber cloth. Doing so quickly and easily removes dust and dirt that can build up over time and become more difficult to remove. This simple step regularly performed can save you countless time and money in the long run.

When spills happen, wipe immediately with a slightly damp cotton cloth. Avoid all-purpose cleaning sprays and furniture polishes. Even cleaning products labeled as natural and green contain chemicals that can harm the wood's finish. We cannot stress this enough.

When simple wiping fails to clean the stain, mix a few drops of a mild soap with warm water. We prefer Dr. Bronners, but any mild soap (including dish soap) will do. Just make sure to wipe all water away immediately after cleaning and dry with a dry cotton rag. Again, avoid all-purpose cleaning sprays.

At all costs avoid common wood polishing products such as Pledge. The silicone they contain gives the wood a temporary, slippery shine that will wreak havoc in the long run.

3. Long-term Care

For added protection and a beautiful finish, consider applying a coat of paste wax once or twice a year. Look for one with a combination of softer beeswax and harder carnauba wax. The blend allows for easy application and a beautiful, lustrous patina that will renew and protect the wood. We recommend Briwax or Howard.

Apply to a clean piece of furniture using a terry cloth towel or old cotton T-shirt. Simply use the cloth to pick up a very small amount of wax and spread it onto the furniture in a circular motion to work it into the grain. Work in small sections until you've covered the whole piece.

Let the wax dry for 15 to 30 minutes and then rub the surface with a dry cotton cloth to remove excess wax and buff the surface. Turn the cloth frequently to use clean and dry sections.

If you have chips, scratches, or other damages, shoot us a note and we'll tell you how to repair.