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About Us

We believe furniture can have a soul. You can feel it when you run your fingers along a hand-shaped piece. When the imperfect beauty of natural materials shines over ornamental spectacle. When form and function drive design.

We started Canopy because we believe more people should own furniture with soul.

So we hit the road, visiting trade shows, design fairs and studios around the world in search of the best examples of the craft. Today, we're thrilled to offer a curated selection of contemporary wood furniture and goods from some of the best modern craftspeople in the world. Everything we feature is built by hand with sustainably sourced solid hardwood and traditional joinery, just as it's been done for centuries.

And while the methods are traditional, the style is anything but. Each producer we feature brings a unique approach to the modern aesthetic, blending the clean lines and minimalism of mid-century modern, Scandinavian, Japanese, Shaker and other styles with his or her personal interpretations and inspirations. The result is a collection of timeless, soulful, hand-built pieces, each with a story to tell.