Commercial Design Services


We believe subtle details are what truly define a brand. The way a receptionist's greeting can reflect the company's cultural roots, for example.

Furniture is no different. We believe the pieces you select for your clients say as much about their brand as a color scheme.

In the past, finding that kind of furniture—furniture with soul—has been challenging. Trade shows that never seem to line up with client projects fail to inspire. Constant Googling delivers cheap alternatives. And the producers you do find won't return your call.

We think there's a better way.

We make it easier for you to find and source furniture with the power to shape your clients' brands so you can spend less time Googling and more time designing.

We've spent the last year building a curated list of the finest designers and makers in furniture, lighting and textiles. These are the people pushing the boundaries of creative expression and craftsmanship whose pieces have the power to define brands.

With just a brief initial consultation, we assemble a list of expertly crafted pieces from the finest artisans in the country. Once you select the pieces you love, we can handle customization, procurement, billing and installation. All done in conjunction with the broader project.

Spend less time Googling and more time designing.

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Explore The Makers We Love

Fernweh Woodworking

Justin Nelson's ability to combine seamless joinery, Maloof-inspired design, and gravity-defying forms is unparalleled. A former Marine officer and firefighter, Nelson's precision craftsmanship and tireless work ethic are matched only by his originality and vision. The result is a collection of distinctively soulful, handmade pieces that are as handsome as they are strong.

Michael Robbins

Michael Robbins' is man of contrasts. His captivating designs blend rustic elegance with bold glamour. And his use of dramatic shapes is both playful and sophisticated. No wonder his repertoire follows the same pattern. Robbins trained first as a photographer and later as a woodworker. Combining his artistic eye with his newfound craft skills helped him create the collection of stunningly original work we see today.

Coil + Drift

Coil + Drift is the design studio of dancer-turned-designer John Sorensen-Jolink. Using the unique spacial awareness of a professional dancer, the studio creates strikingly graceful and luxurious furniture and lighting that is rich with form and texture.

Phloem Studio

Phloem Studio's Ben Krebba is no stranger to woodworking. As a child, he was surrounded by the craftsmanship of his father, who ran his own furniture shop and built Krebba's childhood home and all the furniture inside it. Now, the two work side by side in Phloem's Columbia River Gorge shop, where they design and build the kind of timeless, sophisticated pieces that defy genre.

Heide Martin Design Studio

Heide Martin's ability to create pieces that blend the simplicity and functionality of Shaker-ism with contemporary style and luxurious detail is unparalleled. By showcasing the natural allure of high-quality materials and artfully exposed joinery, every one of Martin's pieces shines with a simple, graceful beauty.